Having pre-purchased inventory to capitalize on substantial discounts prior to the holiday season, the client approached Regents to secure the additional capital needed to finalize the transaction and to bridge the gap between the seasonal cash flows.

Regents was able to offer the client a working capital loan with no collateral requirements in recognition of the client's 30 successful years in business.

Store Fixtures

Retail, Food & Beverage


With no previous equipment financing experience to draw upon, the client relied heavily on Regents structuring expertise to secure funding for their relocation project's FF&E and associated soft costs.

Regents secured 100% financing for the project, with no deposits or advance payments required in order to improve the company's seasonal cash flows and to support expansion plans. As a result, the business relationship has also expanded over the past 3 years with additional capex scheduled well into the new year.

Furniture, Fixtures and Soft Costs



As an solar energy supplier, the client's seasonal cash flow presented challenges that traditional banks, already uncomfortable with the niche marketplace, did not want to address. Regents stepped in and funded the project in time to meet the rapidly approaching deadlines.

Regents ability to rapidly fund the project despite high soft costs, render overdue payments to vendors and manage the disparate locations of the equipment installations has established a relationship of trust and secured future business well into the new year.

Furniture, Fixtures and HON Accelerator

Energy - Utilities


Regents was brought in to fund the completion of the client's project and refill cash reserves drained by a long build cycle. Not only did Regents complete the client's project, we provided outstanding service as noted in the Controller's recommendation:

"Regents has provided our company with outstanding service. We utilized their reimbursement program to monetize our recent equipment purchases applying the some of the new capital towards completion of our facilities security system. We were also able to lower our monthly payments, improve our liquidity and now have the dry powder we need to capitalize on growing demand from within the Construction industry. We are very happy all around - no complaints. Regents will be the first I call the next time something comes through."

Security Systems

Manufacturer - Lumber


The client's major goal was to increase cash flow by lowering variable rate monthly payments and securing lower fixed rates for previous equipment purchases financed by their bank.

Regent's not only beat the bank's rate but provided equipment reimbursements at fair market value for used equipment of significant age. As a result, the client has continued to utilize Regents as an additional alternative resource for financing future equipment acquisitions.

Yellow Iron and Fleet Vehicles


In Every Economic Climate, Cash Is King

We offer equipment financing solutions that address our client’s specific cash concerns such as capital shortfalls, 100% financing needs, seasonal cash flows, reimbursement needs and low monthly payment requirements.

By design, leasing allows for the preservation of cash. Companies with cash challenges will find leasing with Regents not only preserves their cash and banking lines of credit, but also results in improved leverage ratios, superior project management, rapid funding, lowered payments with competitive fixed rates and flexible terms as well as solutions that are tailored to their unique business needs.

Regents respects your right to keep your hard earned cash. Regents doesn’t require large deposits; we offer 100% financing if needed. Regents has no hidden charges and we don’t nickel and dime you with “oh, by-the-way…” fees. Regents offers fixed-rate flexible equipment financing you can afford.



Explore the many results our clients have achieved by financing with Regents.



  • I’m not really known to be much of a wordsmith, so I’ll not use too much fancy talk to tell you how wonderful the experience has been working with you two on this deal, you young ones have really impressed me. You guys have been quite a breath of fresh air as it goes in dealing with lenders aka bankers and the like. As I said before I was so used to dealing in the “old” world of lending, dingy offices with old school people who obviously hate what they do. Those experiences have made coming to your company, truly a very pleasant experience.

    Great job and I’ll take you up on the beer.

    Chris P
  • “As a professional services company, we set a high bar for both our company and those with whom we do business. With virtually no hard assets, restrictive bank covenants and line of credit, we turned to Regents. They took on our challenges and secured financing with creative solutions that fit our unique business needs. Regents has not only met our expectations but continues to surprise us with a level of customer service that surpasses those of their competitors.


    Regents superior customer service and their ability to finance projects with virtually no hard assets speaks to their expertise and persistence. We now look to Regents for competitive bids on all our projects and refer our friends and business associates as well.  We gladly extend our recommendation to anyone looking for equipment financing.” 

    Karen B.
    Executive Vice President
  • “For many years, our company has served as a trusted resource for our customers automotive and industrial needs.  Regents has in turn become a valuable resource we trust to serve our company’s equipment financing needs. As a publicly traded company operating in a highly-regulated industry, we rely heavily on Regents superior project management, deep institutional knowledge and structuring expertise. Regents provided legal accommodations to meet regulatory and multiple vendor requirements for financing of non-traditional assets all while delivering against demanding deadlines.


    As a result of their outstanding service, we have secured an Equipment Line of Credit with Regents and look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.”

    George S
    Executive Vice President
  • “Partnering with Regents Capital allowed us to focus on running our business.  They managed the vendor correspondence, coordinated delivery, and issued payments on our behalf.  The ease of doing business and the swift funding process is what has earned our future business.”

    Mary B

    “We have looked to Regents Capital for their financial expertise on a variety of equipment financing projects. Regents allowed us differentiate ourselves from our competition by allowing us to take advantage of new technologies specific to our industry. 

    Not only did Regents provide exceptional project management and rapid funding, their competitive rates were also very much appreciated. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”

    Ken C
  • “Over the years Regents has provided us with exceptional project/vendor management, fantastic rates and very flexible terms. We’ve utilized their easy application program many times to quickly acquire equipment financing for a high number of low dollar valued assets that often need to be sent to multiple locations in a hurry. We trust Regents promise of rapid turnaround between us and our vendors and they always rise to the challenge.

    While others may grow lax in customer service due to our many schedules and rapid funding requirements, Regents sees us as a client first and foremost. We value our relationship with Regents and expect to see many more transactions completed quickly and easily with them in the future.” 

    Jason Z
    Chief Financial Officer
  • “As our industry has grown exponentially the past few years, we have looked to Regents Capital time and time again to provide the equipment financing we need to meet this demand. Regents ability to structure the terms and buyout options to our unique business needs, all while providing 100% financing (including heavy soft costs) is exceptional. Regents’ project management was impressive as well, processing many invoices, and managing multiple vendors and payment schedules.

    We very much appreciate Regents responsiveness, flexibility and attention to detail and highly recommend their services.”

    John M
  • “The ability to secure funding for both our hard and soft assets (including software, custom graphics and installation) with one financing company, Regents, has made my job so much easier. In addition, Regents expertise with complex documentation and assistance with meeting legal requirements is something you don’t fully appreciate until you are deep into the transaction. Having worked with many other financing companies over the years, I speak from experience when I say that Regent’s is a cut above the rest.

     I greatly appreciate the structuring expertise, flexibility and service that both Regents extends to our company and recommend Regents as a truly exceptional and unique equipment financing partner.”

    Art T
  • “Regents has provided our company with outstanding service. We utilized their reimbursement program to monetize our recent equipment purchases applying the some of the new capital towards completion of our facilities security system. We were also able to lower our monthly payments, improve our liquidity and now have the dry powder we need to capitalize on growing demand from within the Construction industry.

     We are very happy all around – no complaints. Regents will be the first I call the next time something comes through.”

    John H
  • “We have engaged Regents Capital on over 18 equipment financing projects to date and look forward to working with them through many more as we continue to expand across the US. We have found the Regents team to be thoroughly reliable and responsive to our many diverse business needs including processing literally hundreds of invoices from both newly commissioned and established vendors. Regents even rewrote schedules to support our unique financial reporting requirements and improve our D/E ratios.

    Regents commitment to our company has been steadfast; as is our commitment to work together for many prosperous years to come. We wholeheartedly recommend Regents to anyone in need of equipment financing and exceptional client service.”

    Chris K
    Chief Financial Officer
  • “Regents Capital have proven themselves to be absolutely reliable and responsive to our unique business needs. They moved quickly to secure financing for essential equipment despite very tight deadlines and the need to negotiate vendor payment requirements on our behalf. Their professional persistence paid off for both our companies’ mutual benefit.

    Regents efficiency and excellent client services are highly valued in our organization and we look to partner with them on many projects in the future. We highly recommend their services to anyone in need of equipment financing and/or vendor management.”

    Mandy C
  • “We have had the pleasure working with Regents Capital on multiple lease financing projects over the years. Their ability to finance our projects, including those with upwards of 50% soft costs continues to surprise us and surpass all others who have competed for our business in the past. Regents also secured funding for previous equipment purchases enabling us to hit our project deadlines; critical in our seasonal based business. Regents excels in project management often serving as our right hand by processing complex documentation, coordinating with our internal departments and multiple vendor management all while providing rapid funding. Many of the past projects commenced even before the equipment was delivered.

    Our shared success has established a relationship of trust that extends well beyond business and we look forward to our future partnership with Regents.”

    Brooks M
    Chief Financial Officer


Who We Are

Regents Capital Corporation is a national equipment leasing and financing company dedicated to delivering exceptional results to our clients nationwide. With a combined 100 years of experience and over $150 million in equipment finance transactions processed, we can tailor solutions to fit your business needs.

Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer, Don Hansen and President, Dennis Odiorne and have more than 35 years of experience in banking, equipment finance, capital market management and debt syndication. Hansen serves as a member of the ELFA Independent Middle Market Business Council Steering Committee and is a former Mayor of Huntington Beach, CA. In 2016, Regents Capital received the “Best Places To Work In Orange County” award from the Orange County Business Journal.

At Regents Capital, we want to be your equipment financing PARTNER, not just your provider. We are committed to taking on your financial realities as our own responsibilities. We will work with you to help overcome whatever challenge you face when securing capital for your business equipment.

At Regents Capital, your reality is our responsibility.

Our clients range in size across countless industries. We have established deep expertise in providing financing solutions to middle market firms with annual revenues from $10 million to $250 million.

Regents Capital specializes in delivering custom equipment financing solutions to businesses. Our finance professionals are focused on providing specific recommendations that meet your unique business needs. We offer the following financing solutions:

  • Equipment Leases – Capital Lease, True Lease

  • Equipment Finance Agreements

  • TRAC and Synthetic Leases

  • 100% Reimbursement

  • Working Capital Loans

Our finance professionals are eager to turn your equipment financing realities into results. Give us a call at 888.901.4207 or complete the short form below.

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