Medical equipment financing should be within the grasp of healthcare and medical facilities to ensure they have essential equipment even before they need it. That is why Regents Capital ensures that our medical equipment financing is clear and transparent, so the right decision can be made quickly, and your equipment is up and running quickly.

Medical and healthcare fields are some of the most important in America, and are quickly growing, which makes training, equipment, and advancements paramount not just today, but for the future of our medical industry’s success as well.

The Importance of Specialized Medical Equipment Financing

As a trusted medical equipment financing company with a long history of working in healthcare fields to help businesses get the equipment they need, Regents understands the importance of having reliable and highly-specialized tools available to your doctor, nurse, and testing staff in order to be able to do their jobs and gain the most accurate and favorable results.

We know that having the industry-specific medical equipment you need for your business can be the difference in your patients’ care and your business. However, we also know that the cost of acquiring medical equipment can be incredibly high, especially if you need more than one piece of specialized equipment at a time. Whether you are a general practitioner or more specialized in your healthcare field, buying medical equipment can take a large amount of working capital out of your budget.

This could include dental equipment, wheelchairs, physical therapy equipment, diagnostic equipment, imaging equipment like x-ray and ultrasound machines, medical lasers, optometry equipment, chiropractic equipment, and more. Because medical fields are specialized, medical equipment and its financing need to be specialized as well. Regents has experience working with medical equipment financing in a number of healthcare fields, making us your trusted choice.

Regents Benefits for Medical Equipment Financing

  • Regents keeps our payment management simple to save you time. We manage all of the invoicing and necessary progress payments for your medical equipment financing so you don’t have to worry about missed payments.
  • Regents has 100% financing options for associated costs such as delivery, installation, and training for your new medical equipment. These soft costs are not covered by most banks and can quickly add up.
  • Depending on your lease structure, you can take advantage of tax benefits under Section 179. The entire cost of your qualifying medical equipment can be written off for the current tax year.
  • Regents’ lower payments and flexible term leases help your medical equipment financing work within your existing budget.

Contact Regents for More Information on Medical Equipment Financing in 2020

Every business needs equipment to operate, some more than others. And others have still more specialized equipment needs, such as healthcare fields which require highly-specialized and expensive equipment.

Buying medical equipment outright is not an accessible option for most businesses in the healthcare and medical industries, but the need for this life-saving equipment is still there. Hospitals, treatment centers, research and other large facilities may especially benefit from medical equipment financing, as they often have multiple equipment needs throughout the year.

Contact Regents, your trusted leader in medical equipment financing with low payments, flexible terms, 100% financing, and 179 tax benefits. Our application process is simple, and we will walk with you every step of the way.