Farm equipment financing season is upon us as we are in the midst of the sowing season for many farms. If your farm equipment is in good working order, then your Spring operation can run smoothly as well. However, if you are in need of additional, new, or different farm equipment, there are options available to make these acquisitions convenient and affordable.

Regents Capital has been providing farm equipment financing for decades, and helping farms and farmers have successful harvests along the way. Your operations are essential, and that means your equipment is essential as well. A late planting from outdated or incorrect equipment can lead to a shorter growing season, lower yields, and smaller revenue.

Farm Equipment Financing in 2020

As a trusted farm equipment financing company with a long history of working with farmers to get the heavy equipment they need, we understand the importance of having the highly-specialized tools and machinery available to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Everything from tractors, balers, combines, plows, mowers, planters, even sprayers, we have worked with clients to get them the exact farm equipment they needed. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many industries are hurting this Spring, and farms have a large responsibility – feeding America.

When it truly counts, choose a farm equipment financing company that has the experience and the knowledge to get you the agriculture equipment and tools that you need to do your job.

Why Farm Equipment Finance Programs Are Important

While specific equipment is necessary for any farming operation, it is not always affordable. Having the agricultural equipment you need for business can be the difference between a successful yield or a wasted season.

However, the cost of acquiring heavy farm equipment is usually much too large to pay for all at one time.

Buying farm equipment can take a large amount of working capital, and Regents is here to make sure you are able to make the purchases you need while preserving your cash and credit lines. Because when you need to replace or upgrade equipment, farm equipment leasing you need options that make good business sense.

Regents Benefits for Farm Equipment Financing

  • Regents’ lower payments and flexible term leases help fit your farm equipment financing expenditures into any budget. Whether you need one piece of machinery or a fleet of tractors, we custom tailor a financing solution that fits your timeline and goals.
  • Regents keeps our payment management simple to save you time. You need to be on the farm, not in the office, which is why we manage all of the invoicing and necessary progress payments for your farm equipment financing.
  • Regents has 100% financing options for associated costs such as delivery, installation, even training. These soft costs are not covered by most banks, leaving you stuck with any cost above the physical equipment price.
  • Regents offers tax benefits under Section 179. This means that the entire cost of your qualifying farm equipment can be written off for the current tax year it was purchased and used in.

Apply for Agricultural Equipment Financing with Regents this Season

Buying farm equipment outright is not an accessible option for most farms, but the need for the equipment is still there. Large ranches, dairies, livestock operations, and produce or fruit farms can especially benefit from agricultural equipment loans and financing, as they often need multiples of farm equipment in the same season or year.

If your farm equipment needs are looming this Spring, contact Regents, a trusted leader in farm equipment financing with low payments, flexible terms, 100% financing, and 179 tax benefits.

Our application process is simple, and we will be with you every step of the way. Contact Regents today and speak with our team to learn about the farm equipment financing options available.