The technology industry is constantly changing and evolving, especially now as many businesses are implementing remote and online protocols.

Equipment financing, though typically required for companies who rely on equipment and machinery, is becoming increasingly common for business technology and software needs.

Technology Equipment Financing Needs

Ensuring your employees have the technical equipment they need to perform their duties, even from home, is more important now than ever. This may include hardware such as laptops, phones, tablets, or printers, or it may include software to better protect your company data or run processes more efficiently.

Regents Capital works directly with you to ensure your business has the equipment financing solutions to obtain the technology and office equipment for your at-home and in-office daily operations.

Accounting software, CAD software, desktops, and laptops are some of the common equipment needs due to COVID-19. Regents is here to leverage the experience and expertise of our equipment financing specialists to custom tailor a solution for your business.

Regents Technology Equipment Financing Benefits

Regents offers competitive rates with finance structures that include 100% financing, tax advantages, and so much more. We can also be a complement to your banking group when you are approaching credit limits, avoiding blanket liens, or just want to diversify your risk.

Especially now, as many companies find themselves in need of large orders of technology equipment quickly, many for the first time. We are here to offer our assistance and long-standing experience. Even if this is the first time you have needed equipment financing for technology, we look forward to partnering with you.

How to Apply for Technology Equipment Financing with Probably

We offer Application-Only equipment financing for equipment and technology needs up to $250,000. Contact Regents to begin your process, speak with a financing expert, and receive the technology equipment financing or equipment line of credit you need to continue your operations without interruption.

Regents’ technology equipment leasing and financing gives you the ability to access both new and pre-owned equipment with no down payments or substantial initial costs. Additionally, with our many options including capital leasestrue tax leasesTRAC leasessynthetic leases, and 100% reimbursement, we place virtually no limitations on the types of equipment you can obtain – regardless if it is software or hardware.

We accept variable payment options for your technology equipment financing, which makes initial purchase and repayment easier for you, without draining your working capital in these uncertain times.

Ultimately, each of our practices was put in place with you, our client, and your needs in mind.

Contact Regents to Learn About Your Technology Equipment Financing Options Today

Shifting to remote work is difficult enough without having hardware and software hurdles.

We understand that not every employee has the equipment they need in their home as they did in the office, which is why we offer and technology equipment financing solutions.

Contact Regents today for a comprehensive and confidential conversation with our team about the options available to you, timelines, repayment, and terms. We look forward to partnering with you and ensuring you have the technology equipment you need to continue to work, whether that be from home, the office, or both.