Equipment financing and leasing can be intimidating for many clients. It is a large purchase and decision often involving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and associated costs. However, clients should never feel confused by the process, the benefits, or the costs associated with equipment financing.

Regents Capital has extensive experience in equipment financing and leasing for a number of industries and always strives to inform our clients of their options, future steps, and what financing or leasing options are available and most advantageous to their unique situation.

See our tips for large, medium, and small business equipment financing below and reach out to Regents with any questions or for additional information.

We believe that your success is our success, and we cannot wait to partner with you.

Equipment Financing and Leasing Basics for Small, Medium, & Large Businesses

Equipment leasing and equipment finance are two different ways to acquire equipment. When you lease a piece of equipment, you’re essentially renting it while making payments for the duration of the lease agreement. The lessor typically offers an option to buy the equipment when the lease concludes. Equipment loans and financing provide more ownership of the equipment, and the equipment also typically serves as collateral for the loan.

Whether your business is product or service-based, your equipment is vital to keeping operations running smoothly. If you are a large business with multiples of certain machines or equipment, then replacing or purchasing new pieces can be a large hit to your budget. If you are a small business, then even one or two equipment purchases could put a significant strain on your cash flow if you do not lease or finance your equipment needs

Whether your business has one or several equipment needs, equipment leasing and financing is a way to have that equipment right when you need it, even if you do not have the full cash on hand.

Equipment Financing & Leasing Tips

  • Clearly know why your business requires the equipment and how it will benefit your business. This will be one of the first questions asked.
  • Be aware of your credit profile and have your financial information gathered before meeting with an equipment financing company. Review your business credit report as well and make sure it is updated and accurate.
  • Choose an equipment financer that works in your industry for the best results and approval rates.
  • Combine business equipment purchases into one lease or loan. Identify what types of equipment your company requires and bundle your needs into one single payment.
  • Take the time to compare rates, lease terms, fees, and options that are available to you. Ask Regents about the details of your equipment financing and compare us to the competition.

Equipment Financing with Regents

Our equipment leasing and financing is designed for the acquisition of business equipment, regardless of the size of your business or the depth of your needs. Make sure you understand your terms (timeline for repayment) and the associated fees for your equipment lease or loan.

When you are looking to lease or finance equipment with Regents, you have multiple options. Reach out to Regents to speak with one of our team members about your business’ needs and what equipment financing options are best for you.

Regents’ Equipment Financing & Leasing Services

  • Our Equipment Line of Credit provides the benefits of leasing with long-term business equipment financing and allows you to space equipment acquisitions over time. Regents provides affordable and transparent equipment financing for your business.
  • Regents’ Capital Leases for Equipment Lease Financing mimic traditional loan purchases and effectively capture the ownership of the asset with exclusive right-to-use and purchasing options. If long-term equipment ownership is your goal, then a capital lease for equipment lease financing with a buyout purchase option is an excellent choice!
  • Our True Tax Leases have lower up-front costs, lower monthly payments, multiple tax advantages, and up to 100% financing including “soft costs”. These leases can provide multiple tax advantages and end-of-term buyout options.
  • Regents’ Equipment Finance Agreements, EFAs, are treated as a loan where the borrower is the title holder and Regents is the lien holder. However, unlike most bank loans, Regents’ EFAs offer fixed rate financing with no covenants and are secured only by the specific equipment being financed.

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