As more companies move to at-home and online work every week due to COVID-19 and Shelter at Home orders, you may find yourself in need of equipment financing for your remote employees and daily business functions.

From laptops and printers for your staff to use at home to data processing or larger items, equipment financing is becoming a front and foremost need in many business owners’ minds. After all, you need the right tools and equipment to get the job done – whatever that job may be.

About Equipment Financing with Regents Capital

As a trusted equipment financing company with a long history of working with businesses to get the equipment you need, we understand the importance of having reliable and specialized tools available to your staff in order to be able to do their jobs, even remotely.

This includes heavy machinery to light laptop computers and everything in between. We have experience working with medical equipment financing, agriculture, construction, technology, and many more industries.

We know that having the industry-specific equipment you need for your business can be the difference between success and failure as a business owner. However, often the cost of acquiring business equipment can be much too large to pay for all at one time. Whether you are an emerging or long-established business, buying equipment can take a large amount of working capital.

Regents Equipment Financing Agreements (EFAs)

Our Equipment Financing Agreement is treated as a loan where the borrower is the title holder and Regents is the lien holder. Unlike most bank loans, Regents’ equipment financing agreements offer fixed-rate financing with no covenants and are secured only by the specific equipment being financed.

If you are looking to purchase new equipment or upgrade your existing equipment, consider the advantages of our equipment financing as a way to meet your business’s working capital needs.

Regents Equipment Financing Lines of Credit

Our Equipment Financing Line of Credit provides the benefits of leasing with long-term business equipment financing, allowing you to space your commercial equipment acquisitions over time.

We offer low, fixed-rate financing for up to 12 months in advance with periodic takedowns matched to the equipment’s expected utilization time. This is just one of the ways we provide affordable, transparent equipment financing options for your business.

Learn about our Capital LeasesTrue Tax Leases, and 100% Reimbursement.

Advantages of Equipment Financing with Regents Capital

Regents Offers Lower Payment Options for Your Equipment Financing

Regents lower payments and flexible term leases help fit your equipment financing expenditures into any budget. This enables you to get the financing you need for the equipment your business needs right now – not weeks from now like with the banks, who are stretched right now as it is.

Regents Offers 100% Financing Options, Even for Associated Project Costs

We understand that financing may be needed for associated project costs including soft costs such as installation, design fees, software, delivery, training, etc. – costs that most banks cannot or will not cover. As a trusted equipment financing company, we have 100% financing options for all of your business equipment needs.

Tax Benefits with Regents: Section 179

Under Section 179, the entire cost of your qualifying equipment could be written off for the tax year it is purchased and put into use. And you may opt to own the equipment after the lease is up at a low pre-negotiated price – no surprises here!

Regents Progress Payment Management Is Simple & Saves You Time

You can save time and upfront cash when you have us manage all of the invoicing and necessary progress payments for your equipment financing. This increases efficiency and progress as well as helping to alleviate many vendor-induced headaches. Essentially, we’ll do the work for you.

Lower Capital & Equipment Financing Costs + No Hidden Fees or Fines

We offer lower equipment financing costs with no hidden charges, non-utilization fines or fees in the fine print. Converting variable debt to fixed-rate financing hedges against inflation and rising interest rates as payments remain the same for the term of the contract. We think that’s just a better way to do business.

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We are still diligently working for you, even during these difficult times in the midst of COVID-19. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment financing as well as the benefits available.

We look forward to serving you and your business needs.